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Oregon, United States

Lights at The Coeur d' Alene Resort (ID)

December 24, 2018

Well, this is one of my absolute favorite holiday traditions. I have gone every year for over a decade. This special treat is the holiday lights at the Coeur d' Alene Resort. They do a fantastic job of putting on a holiday light extravaganza. Their half a mile boardwalk is covered with all kinds of light displays from a sea monster to a castle, there are soldiers, dear, the 12 days of Christmas and so much more. This fantastical experience may include if you like, a cruise out to see Santa across the lake. They will even read a child’s name from the "list". I did this several years ago and it was a treat to see all of the children light up when thier names are read.


This year I made the trip with one of my dearest and best friends Ikram and our Mom's. We were static to spend time together. The resort has several restaurants/ bars. The one that we decided upon, and truthfully were so lucky to visit was Whispers. We were able to snatch the coveted couch in the all window room looking over the lights and fireplaces outside the windows. 


We chatted for hours. Ordered hot chocolate with amazing one of a kind desserts at through the bar to Gooey's.


Ikram and I had cake while our Mom's decided to get personal sized ice-cream extravaganzas. I had the lemon liquor cake while Ikram had a chocolate something. My mom got the celebration ice cream and Ikram's mom chose the reeses. We were all in such joy with our chosen desserts. I had deviated from my usual Creme Brule choice, but it was a good decision.


Earlier in December some of the board walk and the lights had been damaged from some wind. Where Ikram and I would have normally left our moms for a bit and walked around the board walk to get a better look at the lights; it was not an option tonight. We did enjoy all the lights from a panoramic view within the warmth of Whispers. Occasionally we could see the bright lights spark on across the lake where Santa was waiting for the boats of families traveling to see him and heat their names being read. 


The resort was crowded as I believe each year it is increasingly. This is most likely due to the increased popularity of the lights and holiday festivities. Some years there are even carolers that sing around the hotel lobby. I did not see them this trip although my mom said they were present the week prior. Being vigilant finding a place to sit may can happen with some semi covert tactics and awareness. If you are wanting to eat at Dockside they had no reservations when I phoned. I would recommend setting a reservation a week prior to your visit; otherwise you may not get in. 


Overall there were great memories and quality mother daughter time all around. This is a quaint stop. It will get you in the holiday spirit instantly adding charm, comfort, and a little holiday magic.


*Note that pictures of whispers were taken on a previous trip when the bar was empty. The only picture from this trip was of us all together and the lemon cake.




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