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Oregon, United States

Detroit Lake, OR

January 7, 2019

What can I say? Detroit Lake was delightful!! Bronte and I had a blast exploring around the area. First thing we did was go and get some good food at the Korner Post Restaurant. I had some eggs and hash browns... They were great and it is a cute little place. The service was a bit slow, but not the worst thing in a lazy day. We will definitely be going back.


We went to look at Humbug Campground. It was unfortunately closed :(. Bronte and I will be coming back to check it out when it opens in the spring. We were actually able to go to the State park at Detroit Lake though. From the state park we walked on the floor of the lake. The Island was visible... almost walkable. I am looking forward to going back in the spring or summer when we are able to kayak and camp on the island. It is 5$ and you are able to kayak/ boat to the island. It looks like previously it was just another small hill top that was surrounded by the water when the dam was put in.



Detroit Lake is beautiful, all the wonderful things that we enjoy! The mountains are breath taking, the lake is pretty even at its low level. I really enjoyed seeing the stumps that would normally be covered with water. In addition, there are several streams and places to explore from there. I have plans to return and go on the many hikes that are in the area in addition to kayaking when there is more water in the reservoir.


It is small as far as towns go. Much of the store fronts were for sale. I imagine in the summer it is bustling at the seams full of people. From here there are so many places to explore as well. It would be a good home base. I can't wait for further exploration of the area. I am going to start saving so we can purchase a little cabin in the area to live in full time in a few years! Many more adventures to be had!  



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