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Oregon, United States

Some Highlights to visit... North Idaho, Washington & Oregon (there really is soooo much more)

October 29, 2018

Here are a few of my favorite places in the PNW. I have not been everywhere, I will be exploring for a life time; but these are a few of my favorites! 


North Idaho-

    Hiawatha Trail- A bike trail on the Montana/ Idaho border. If you have bikes it may just be free. But it is almost all down hill except the first little tunnel. I loved it and I don’t ride bikes often!
    Wallace, ID- (lots of antique stores, small old mining town.) This is where the movie Dantes peak was filmed

         Silvermine- it is down town as you come in. It is a really cool place if anyone is Interested in that kind of thing. 

         Pulaski Tunnel Trail- A nice little history walk 

          Northern Pacific Depot- (a cute little train museum if you are already there… )

        Oasis Bordello Museum- (great for the adults/ older kids) It was very informative and a different museum. I’ve taken several people there and everyone has loved it. It is a former operating bordello in the historic town. I is preserved almost exactly as it was left when it had closed its doors in 1988. They have been open for 23 years.



The Fainting Goat- has wonderful food. A Bit pricy (in my view) but really tasty. 





Coeur d’ Alene, ID  

     Coeur d’ Alene Resort board walk- ½ mile board walk. It is beautiful and one of my personal favorite places all year. There is a great park next door with a beach & HUGE playground a little walk away.


     Dockside (in the Resort) Gooey’s desserts- this is a Coeur d’Alene must! They have these huge desserts that the family can share. A BIG ice cream Sunday of many flavors. A great treat for the family. 

     Whispers- also in the resort, but a great little bar with beautiful views for a good date night…

     Coeur d’ Alene Boat Tours- these are a beautiful time/ evening adventure. After thanksgiving they become trips to see Santa. 

     Tubs hill- good hiking beautiful views of the lake. 

     Beacon Point- cool little place to hike, there is the bronze? Photographer statue and in times of the year bald eagles (I think January/February) Plus a great little drive to get there (not long but pretty)

     Coffee- I love the Lean Bean- its my favorite. There are lots of great other places though. Also wonderful food options.


Eastern Washington-(WA State parks require a Discovery Pass )

     Spokane area:       


  Manito Park- (probably no RV)- has many different types of Gardens, japanese, rose, a British? Very cool little place and FREE!

  Green Bluff- Apples, pumpkins etc… (may be to late but they have a kid area(s), great pumpkin doughnuts, apple picking etc… a conglomerate of different farms. (probably would not want to take the RV with you to this place)

         Mount Spokane- has hiking etc… beautiful 

         River Front Park- The location of the EXPO (in the mid 70’s) They have a gondola over the falls etc… a carousel… they may be under construction though.

         Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture- This is a great little museum with a Victorian house tour as well.     


Central Washington-

     Palouse Falls- Super cool in the middle of nowhere… a little surprise! 

     Grand Coulee Damn- a little north but they do have day tours and evening lazer light shows and a cool little museum. 

     Moses Lake- Bob’s Café- a real life truck stop restaurant (has a soft place in my heart bc I used to go here with my Grandfather) They have a decent Breakfast!

     Maryhill Sonehenge/ Goldendale Observatory- Cute museum & now they have a telescope!  

     Leavenworth, WA- A little Bavarian styled village. Super good food, beer if it is an interest, Great little place. I loved visiting as a kid etc.. 

     Wild Horse Monument- (beautiful! ) Right off of I-90

     Food Close to Horse Monument- Blustery’s- In Vantage, WA- Cute little diner

     Wanapum Dam- They are close to Vantage. They also used to do tours (not sure the hours) but they have a cute little visitors center.


Some great little stands for food off the free way in Cle Elum, WA


The Rest of Washington (😉 )


Mt. Rainer: LOTS of trails etc… VERY BEAUTIFUL!

Ape Cave ( Lava Tubes)- I haven’t gone here yet but it looks really cool and is on my bucket list. 

There is so much there… I just haven’t done a ton around


Seattle beyond the basics. Here are a few I know of:


     Pikes Place Market- Classic fabn favorite, fish throwing, flowers, First Starbucks etc…

     Seattle Public Library (really cool building)

     Space Needle- Beyond the Classics

     Museum of Pop Culture- GREAT music museum! A must see at some point!

      Food - Look for Bubble tea & Hot pot spots… Some of the best I’ve found!


Whidbey Island- I haven’t been here but a friend of mine moved there and loves it! I am hoping to go visit at some point. It is supposed to have beautiful views etc… It is a ferry ride from Port Townsend or it can be driven to up from the north.


Olympic Peninsula:

     Port Angeles- Beautiful little shipping town. Look around for good food!

     Neah Bay (town) & Makah Bay- - My favorite bay is Makah… there is tons to do around there… and you can camp at Hobuck Beach Resort 



Cape Flattery- My Favorite! Short but really cool views etc..


     Forks- Cute little town- place where Twilight was filmed.

     Lake Crescent- Beautiful lake. Some great pictures to be had and a pretty drive!

     Hoh Rain Forest- great spot. Some fun hiking spots, even some small east trails/ nature hikes to be found.

     Rialto Beach- Beautiful beach

     Sol Duc Falls- great little spot/ hike

     Rocky Brook Falls Trail- another pretty falls/ hike.


SOOO much on the peninsula- I haven’t explored the southern part as much but there is a lot to see!


Oregon Coast-

Fort Stevens- SUPER cool place… def worth the trip. The kids will love it! RV spots open all year               

Oregon Scenic Railway-   (My pup and I had a great time on this)


      Tillamook Creamery- Pretty cool spot! Who doesn't love Cheese???

      Cape Meares- very nice Light House! Busy during the summer though! do=parkPage.dsp_parkPage&parkId=131

Oceanside- Great beach & views all aroudn the area! 


Cape Lookout- Great Place to stay!! There are several hiking trails around.

Lincoln City- There are several great beaches!

Cascade Head Trail- Great view of the ocean.



Newport- Also great beaches and 2 cool light houses! There are Sea Lions!!

     Oregon Coast Aquarium- really fun!

     The Coffee House- A great Breakfast place! The pancakes are bigger you’re your head! This is one of my favorite places in all of Oregon            

South Beach State Park- Place to park 😊 the rig and enjoy the area and beaches




Inside Oregon-


Multnomah Falls- (Oregon Classic must see) (left)

Mt. Hood- Lots of trails etc…

Silver Falls- Great park… lots of hikes. The waterfalls are really cool- RV spots open all year! I go here frequently to hike. (right)


     Crater Lake- If it is open- Very AMAZING! 


     Painted Hills- I would love to go to their festival over memorial day. I missed it this year!


There is SOOO Much to see in Oregon! Everywhere… these are just a few of the places I have been. 😊





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