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Oregon, United States

On the Oregon Tail... I mean Trail

July 30, 2018

Good Morning, 

Well an exciting event is about to occur... drum roll please... yes you got it. My pup Brontë and I are hitting the road for our move out west (yes it is our 3rd trip cross country in 3 years) we are moving to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. We are set to leave Auburn, AL in the wee hours of August 1st.


Like many Americans before us and the many adults who as a kid with an old DOS computer, we are going to follow the Oregon Trail to the Willamette Valley. Hopefully we won't die of dysentery like all my characters did. We are moving west for a job, adventure, possibility and like many before a new start. 


Our trek out there will take a week or so which is nothing compared to the up to 6 months of travel that the original pioneers had. I figure that one day for us could have been up to a month for the pioneer. It will be a wonderful step into the past. We have some fun stops along the way and a brief detour to see my family in Washington and a visit to Montana for a day. 


Our first stop will be Independence, MO. This as I am calling it day 0 will be a long grueling 15 hr drive. We will cover 4-5 states and like many before, traveling to Independence, MO is the first leg of the trip. We will then progress along the trail



making stops similar to the early pioneers.We will load up on supplies, get some good breakfast and head out on the road.


I have reserved some camping spots for us via I will provide some reviews etc... for our stays afterward. If you haven't heard Hip Camp is similar to Air BnB but for camping. People rent out their property or simple cabins for a fee. I have used it before and loved knowing someone was waiting for me and we had a for sure place to be as a woman traveling with her dog! 


We would LOVE to have you join us on our adventure. There is so much more to come but If you like us please follow us on Instagram: @Oregontail.s  & @justenoughcanvas, here or on Facebook too. Let's hit the trail!





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