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Oregon, United States

Makah Bay & Hobuck Resort

August 8, 2017

Well, I recently went to one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I was blessed to visit the Makah Reservation on the tippist tip of the Pacific Northwest, Washington and the Lower 48. It was such a great place full of beauty, culture, nature and peace. 


I've recently decided to officially turn in my notice and move to Alabama to live with my husband. I have been toying with when will be the "wisest" time to make the move. As I love my independence, but I love being married and I am ready to not have a long distance marriage anymore. 


As a person who want to do all the "right" things and make the "best" decision this trip was a great chance to stop and reflect on life. 

My Aunt, my dog Bronte and I traveled up a beautiful windy road in the enchanted looking rain forest to the trail head leading to Cape Flattery. This was actually our second trip here in that day. The first one had been in the early afternoon but upon arrival it was clear by evidence of the full parking lot and cars overflowing along the road that there were too many people for our enjoyment. We mutually agreed to come back later in the day hoping for less of a crowd. 

Upon our return we found there to be less cars and although there were still more than we would have liked we decided this was the time for our adventure. 


Now I had done research on the trail and Tatoosh Island. I had seen many pictures on instagram, pintrist and google searches of the trail and scenery. As I walked along I found my self looking for these "pictures" along the trail with a bit of glee when I found them. Although I was grateful for this advanced warning of the beauty that was coming I wish I had simply allowed myself to enjoy each moment as I saw it. Which I later decided to do. 


The trail was beautiful with the trees overhanging and naturally growing into strange designs like a pictured canvas that was crafted over hundreds of years. There were a hundred colors of green, brown and blues. Natural benches, steps and root configurations that would leave you in awe. The trail was worn down in parts indicating the magnitude of the use of the trail. 


My aunt struggled a bit as she was not use to such physical exertion . She sat at a view point and encouraged me to go on to the cape as she waited. It continued on a wood bridge like path as the pacific and the cape unveiled itself with every step through the forest. There were beautiful cliffs, the power of the ocean, tides and water were demonstrated in the beautiful forms of the rocks, cliffs and the island laid out in front. 


There is a history and a mystery in this place. Lucky for us it was about sunset and the warm light was perfect. Bronte was tired. We sat and talked with some fellow visitors. there were two men who had their fancy cameras and were clearly photographers of some kind as they discussed their angles, light and used tripods to get great angels of the beauty surrounding us and the Island in front of us. A group of Russian young adults joined us with their drone which they flew out to take pictures as well as an older american couple from who knows we here but were as american as you get. An Indian family large with at least 3 or four generations also joined us in waves. I had passed them walking together on the trail. I soaked in the beauty, petted my dog and reminsed on teh spectacular moment. I snapped some artsy photos carefully crafting them to capture the eautiful orange hue reflecting off the water from the sun and the waves between the trees. 


As I prepared to return to fetch my Aunt and leave, there she was. She had made it the difficult journey form the look out to the cape. So She climbed up the latter and took it in. And I joined her is breathing and capturing her breath. Bronte made friends with the american couple sitting on the bench across from us. This struck up a little chit chat and Bronte received a new toy, a water bottle for her amusement as she was getting bored and ready to go again. 


My aunt and I began the slow journey back up to the car. Slow and steady and still as beautiful. We stopped with my Aunt every little bit as she conquered the world by walking up this path. We did finally make it. As we approached the top I noticed some locals walking up the path with wood strips rolled and tied. I asked about them and was informed the her name was Jane Ward, a  local artist and once a year they gathered these cedar strips and then used them to make baskets and painted them. She also told me of the dangers of this area at night and the loss of a local boy within the last month. This was one of the greatest conversations I had in a while. It was real, vulnerable honest and simple. She invited me to come and see her art work, however I was leaving to soon. She recommended the museum. I however would be leaving and not have time to visit. That would have to stay for the next time. 


While I had this conversation with her and chit chatted with the Russians who had arrived about the same time we did to the trail head, my aunt made her way to the car and sat down. It was such a great moment of accomplishment for her, and for me. To appreciate the beauty of a place, to not have service and appreciate the struggle of another and basque in their victory. Bronte was successfully tuckered out and also ready to sleep a bit. 


We got in the car and revealed in the victory. As we traveled back to our campground and the Makah Bay I tucked away this moment. I had been to a place of beauty, history and significance. Not many would be able to venture here. 


It was only a moment though. It is now several days later and this is becoming a distant memory. It is now a part of who I am but I am moving on beyond it a little further each day. This is the same for everything. We move away and toward things. I move away from this moment toward the moment I will move in with my husband finally and then move from there on to our future and hopefully a new job and life until something else comes. Although we all know it Life goes on. I want it to go on with me making note of these special times and places.  

I am looking forward to returning to this place with my husband and making more memories here as it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. 

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